3 Basic Tips To Buy Natural Gemstones

Natural gemstones are definitely a collection of treasure for jewelry addicts. They are known for its rustic charm and uncut look. With a rare collection of natural gemstones on the spree, people splurge on a lot of money to get hold of them for keepsakes or to spice up their jewelry collections. Besides natural gemstones, there are other varieties such as the genuine gemstones and the synthetic ones. It is very important to understand about the appearances, color variation and finishes of these gemstones, before you could indulge on a shopping spree. Shopping for natural gemstones, one needs to have a patient eye for details to differentiate between the fake and authentic ones.

Understand to differentiate the gemstones - A lot of gemstone dealer's mix in degraded gemstones and it can be only differentiated by a gemstone expert. True to its name, a natural gemstone is a raw stone of natures reserve and does not have a polished finish. It comes with a rustic look and has an uneven surface. The other gemstones are usually polished and have a glow of shine. These gemstones are either machine treated or hand polished to enhance their overall

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outlook. There are synthetic gemstones as well and are too shiny and have a smooth finish. They are also sold out in large numbers but are not authentic as the natural gemstones.

Consult a gemstone expert - Most of the natural gemstones that are available today are not natural at all and therefore the need arises to consult a gemstone expert. A lot of gemstones may look the same and it would be difficult to differentiate between the fake and the original gemstone. It would be a wise decision to shop at a genuine dealer for gemstones and also to get their certificate of authenticity to be examined by a gemstone expert. Buying gemstones involves spending a lot of money, and therefore careful evaluation is a must to avoid buying fake gemstone.

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Value of gemstones - All gemstones comes with a price that is based on their color, finish and their demand as well. Most of the times, natural gemstones come with a heavy price as they are rare to find like the rubies and sapphires. Other gemstones like the red garnet, onyx and so on are easily available in the market and hence come at a lesser price. You can decide the authenticity of the gemstones, based on their price values and with their demand as well.

Educate yourself on the above facts before shopping for natural gemstones. There are a lot of dealers trying to sell fake gemstones, so being ahead by knowing to differentiate the gemstones by color, cut and finish would help you to stay clear of them. Always shop at a reputed jewelry dealer and ask questions about their color variations, the finish and do not forget to double check the worthiness of the gemstone with their certificate. You can also take along your gemstone expert to guide you through, besides these simple tips that would come in handy while buying natural gemstones